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BIO Club, Radio, Mixtape DJ, DJ Who? from Cincinnati, Oh started his career at the young age of 12 doing house parties and family events, it wasn't  till he got to high school that he got his big shot DJing for his school's home comings and proms. DJ Who? then moved up to club and hall parties making him well known in the city.After Graduating from high school Who? went off to college at Wright State University linking up with another DJ, they both became the top DJ's at the school doing every event from pool parties to talent shows to frat parties. DJ Who? moved back to cincinnati in 2009 and went to a trade school called Ohio Center for Broadcasting where he studied radio and television broadcasting, he graduated at the top of his class in 2010 earning The Gary Burbank Award For Excellence In Radio and also The Slim-In-The-Basement Award For BEONAIR. After Graduating From OCB Who? then made a major move to leave Ohio and go to school in California pursuing a career in recording arts he enrolled into The Los Angeles Recording School at the end on 2010 not stopping until he reached success he graduated in 2012 making this his second degree.Now DJ Who? is back in Cincinnati working with his same Label Boss Mode Records, and New labels Made Rich Entertainment, Tuff Grind Entertainment, putting out Mixtape after Mixtape he is currently working on his 35th Mixtape that goes with a series he's been working on for years called Live From Cincinnati, showcasing the best of the best that Cincinnati has to offer. Good things are in DJ Who's future as he takes his career to another level, watch out he might be in a city nearest you, ITs DJ WHO?


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Its DJ Who?



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<p>It’s Who????</p>

It’s Who????

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<p>I can be a kid some times lol my helicopter collection</p>

I can be a kid some times lol my helicopter collection

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<p>Vamp Life</p>

Vamp Life

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<p>Posted #redline</p>

Posted #redline

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<p>The Life #studiojunkie</p>

The Life #studiojunkie

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<p>SUCCESS is the only OPTION</p>

SUCCESS is the only OPTION

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<p>Payin homage to the first to do it He Raps He DJs Drops on Friday 10/17 #freshprince #jazzyjeff</p>

Payin homage to the first to do it He Raps He DJs Drops on Friday 10/17 #freshprince #jazzyjeff

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<p>He Raps He DJs 10/17/14</p>

He Raps He DJs 10/17/14

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My goal and My passion has been to work hard, entertain My fans, and just plain have fun. I am excited to be performing weekly and hope to see you soon at a show – take a look at My calendar, or just drop

Me a line. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit-      Aristotle

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